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Fundraising Opportunities


Letter for general donations- Runs now through February-100% back to girls 

Program Ads -  Runs now through January 10th-100% back to girls 

Double Good Popcorn- Pop-up Fundraiser- Runs today through December 3rd-50% back to girls

Boon Supply- Dec 3-12 catalog Dec 3-18 online- 40% to girls

Butter Braids- Dec. 3rd-16th- 40% to girls

Salsa- January- 40% to girls 

Showdown floor (setup/teardown) - shared among those who work- February 

Letter and sponsorship sheets attached all other sheets attached below in links! 


Melissa Eckhardt

Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: 970-539-0796

For questions about credits or fundraising opportunities please contact Melissa.